Megan Pascoe

Reigning 2.4m World Champion, Megan Pascoe has joined Team Allen and will compete in the 2017 Championships. The Paralympics will not feature sailing at Tokyo 2020, so Megan, who has Cerebral Palsy, will be concentrating on national and international events over the next few years which will give her an opportunity to regain her UK National title as well as retaining here World and European titles.

Career Highlights

When did you start sailing and what did you sail?
I started sailing at Ardingly Reservoir in my Oppy when I was about 7. After about a year I started racing at Weir Wood Sailing Club.

Who influenced you to start sailing?
My family has always been sailing. There wasn’t any decision to make about what we might be doing at the weekend. I just kind of followed my brothers into it.

What have been your career successes?
3rd International 2.4mR Disabled World Championships 2010.
3rd International 2.4mR World Championships 2012, 2013
World 2.4mR Champion 2016
5th Merlin Rocket Nationals 2015
European 2.4mR Champion 2014,2016

What are your career objectives?
Due to too many International events I haven’t been able to retain my UK National title for a few years so it would be nice to try that for 2017. Going to the 2.4 Worlds as reigning champion in 2017 will be pretty cool. Hopefully mine and my brother’s calendars collide and we can try another Merlin Nationals and a silver tiller series. As for the Paralympics hopefully sailing will get back in and I can have another shot at getting there.

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  1. 2017 has been the first year where I have spent more time on dry land than on the water. Coming into the Christmas season it is nice to look back on a successful year as part of Team Allen. The year centred on the 2.4 World Championships in Sneek, Netherlands in which I finished 4th. I was very happy and content with this as it was a very competitive fleet. It was also great to meet up with old friends and new.

    2017 also saw some good UK events on some interesting waters including Fowey, Tewkesbury and the Norfolk Broads. Throughout the season I have learnt that a bad day on the water is better than a good day in the office and that good friendships, fun, competitive sailing and cold beer is what sailing is all about.

    I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time back club racing at Frensham and being quite like Weir Wood where I grew up it is very much like coming home. 2.4s puddle sail quite well as we can point high and as long as there is wind the keel weight keeps us going. Frensham is the biggest 2.4 club in the country and having so many 2.4s on the start line keeps you on your toes week in week out. I also have been really enjoying getting back into handicap racing especially on a Wednesday night, I can’t think of a better way of spending an evening than messing about on boats.

    In the middle of the year I decided to buy a new 2.4. It was a great to be able to choose where I wanted everything on the boat and to look through the Allen catalogue to decide on the best layout. Luckily, as I had run out of holiday time, my dad helped me put my boat together in time for the Antwerp City Cup. A great end of season event in a city that I have grown to love, taking a relatively untested boat into a tough fleet was going to be interesting. There were ups and downs during the event but I managed to come away with the win. The new boat seemed to be going well! The socials added to an already superb week and were as good as always.

    Im still getting used to the new boat and I’m learning my new systems and some new Allen parts that I’ve been able to try out. The Allen high load thimbles are my favourite new toy as they seem to have endless uses. They are nice and compact whether tied on with string or inside an eye strap and they fit into tighter spaces than a block.

    2018 is mostly in the diary now The big one in the calendar is the 2.4 Worlds in Gavle, Sweden. We haven’t been there for 14 years so going back to the country where the 2.4 was invented is always special. Big open sea’s in a beautiful area, it’s all set to be a good event. The hope is also to go to the German Nationals in Berlin which is arguably growing into the toughest fleet.

    I’ve also got a few UK based events lined up especially our Nationals which are part of Poole Regatta. Poole treats us well and we always enjoy sailing in the top triangle. I am also planning to get back in the Merlin, hopefully for the end of the Sail Juice series and the Nationals in Lyme Regis where I started our Merlin sailing so it will be nice to go back having now gained more skill in that class.

  2. 2.4mR Open Worlds 2017

    84 boats headed to the Sneekemeer for the 2.4 World Championships. This included 12 British boats. After a weekend of measuring and decamping to the island which was to be home for the week we were ready for racing. Sneek has a world class race committee from running the biggest dinghy week in Europe so we were in for some good racing. Monday brought big wind and with trapezoid courses things were going to get interesting. We had 3 good races with all 4 flights although not all boats made it through the racing with various breakages and swampings the gold/silver split was tight. I really enjoyed the big breeze and with a lot of handicap racing recently I was making some gains on the reaches. Navigation was also important after some trying to sail the outer loop whilst some of us got a lucky break turning a tenth into a first after sailing the inner loop. The Brits had mixed fortunes in the breeze with a few of us making good gains and a few deciding that discretion was a better than getting wet. The rest of the week was light with a long day Tuesday finishing qualifying. The front of the fleet was breaking away with Stellan Berlin putting in the bullets. I was having a mixed day but as I was discussing with one of the Swedes; there’s no point crying over spilt milk. After 2 evening races gold and silver fleets were decided with myself and Jonny Currel inside the top 10. Martin Whittingham-Jones and Bruce Hill also made the cut. On the third day we had one race in the morning and one in the evening. I was making some impressive comebacks from deep but I was just off the top 5 spots. Jonny was sticking well around the top 10 and Steve Bullmore was keeping the Germans honest in the top 3 of the silver fleet. A good barbeque and watching some barges practicing with cold beer and good friends is sometimes the reason we go sailing. The penultimate day of sailing was two races in the morning and both Stellan and Heiko Kroger both put in solid results to move themselves ahead of the rest. Further down the field Kate Hedley and Iain Stowe were at the top of the silver fleet in the first race of the day. I was having a good day racing with some big gains downwind and consolidating my top 4 positon. Hans Askland my closest rival was having a mixed day with a 1 and a 39. Friday was a bit of a non-starter with absolutely no wind so everything finished with Thursday’s results. I picked up 2nd disabled and 1st lady. Jonny collected 3rd disabled. Steve Bullmore collected 3rd in the silver fleet. Adam Billany picked up a jib after finishing in the right place in race 7. The Dutch class along with the KWS put on a great event both on and off the water. For us the next event is Tewkesbury ditch racing followed by RYA multiclass regatta at Rutland. The next worlds is next summer in Gavle Sweden which will be great to go back to after 14 years. My thanks to Allen Brothers for keeping my boat together especially in the big breeze.

    1st Stellan Berlin (SWE)
    2nd Heiko Kroger (GER)
    3rd Hans Asklund (SWE)
    4th Megan Pascoe (Weymouth SC)
    11th Jonny Currel (Parkstone SC)
    24th Martin Whittingham-Jones (West Kirby SC)
    35th Bruce Hill (Frensham Pond SC)
    Silver Fleet
    3rd Steve Bullmore (Frensham Pond SC)
    9th Carol Dugdale (Norfolk Broads YC)
    16th Kate Hedley (Frensham Pond SC)
    25th Mike Coates (Whitby SC)
    27th Adam Billany (Derwent Water SC)
    34th Nev Millard (Queen Mary SC)

  3. Megan Reigns at Frensham

    The third 2.4mR open of the year is usually the biggest of the year. Although numbers were down this year the big names were at Frensham once again. After Medemblik it was nice to get back to short course racing and bring the speed that I learnt in Medemblik back to smaller water. Frensham is never an easy place to win at. Even when there is wind there are still some big holes. The summer coming saw a few of the big names back in the boat. Jonny Currell was back and still quick after a break for uni. Simon Hill was back after a winter off. Martin Whittingham-Jones had come south for the first time for some practice before the Worlds. Along with the usual suspects racing on Saturday evening was perfect. The sunshine continued throughout Sunday with some very tight racing. The culmination of which was the 6th race. The wind was increasing, 5 boats at the front of the fleet battled for 7 laps in a 40 minute race. It was an intense weekend of racing which was a perfect warm up for the Open Worlds at the start of July. We should have up to a dozen British boats in Sneek with some big international names it’s going to be an interesting event. For me next is Merlins at Hayling and Whitstable. It will be nice to get back on the sea in the Merlin. Summer has definitely started.

  4. Megan Wins the 2.4mR Tidal Championships in Fowey

    Ten 2.4s headed west for a bank holiday in Fowey. Saturday was gusty, shifty and definitely tidal. The fleet sailed 3 races learning that a reaching course was actually more difficult than first thought.

    Megan Pascoe took the overnight lead with reigning tidal and national champion Iain Stowe showing early form with a second and a first, then getting a little stuck down the last race of the day. The Frensham Pond contingent of Kate Hedley, Steve Bullmore and John Brooker were also having a good start to the championships. Dinner at the Fowey Gallants was well needed to chat over the entertainment of the day.

    Sunday racing was postponed while the overnight strong wind went through but sadly it left very little wind. The fleet sailed one race in the pouring rain and one very annoying cockerel. Downwind was interesting as to whether you got out of the tide or into the wind. The fleet retired to a curry and a well-deserved rest ready for four races Monday. Sunday was once again wet and with a southerly wind which was meant to be north things were going to get interesting. The first leg although with the tide was patchy to the point where it was unsure which of the 8 boats would round first. It was Jean Paul Alexander who took the early lead but by the bottom mark it was Steve Bullmore who was making an impressive lead for himself and a bid for the championship.

    Both Megan and Jean Paul made it back to the front of the fleet with Michael Coates from Whitby YC also making it to the front. The second race wasn’t any less difficult with most of the fleet struggling to stay behind the line. Steve once again took a commanding lead but managed to find a big hole down the run. Megan managed to get back to Steve and have a great race to the end. The fleet went ashore to wait for wind and when the wind went to the north the fleet left again. Steve took one race and Megan the other.

    The fleet enjoyed their weekend away and the thanks go to a great race team and organisation from both the Fowey Gallants and the Royal Fowey. The next event on the calendar is on the less shifty Frensham Pond.

  5. The CanAm 2.4mR series has been running on the west coast of Florida since December. 19 boats joined in for the finale last weekend at the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club. The fleet included Olympians, Paralympians, Canadian and American National Champions so I decided it was a great idea to join them for the weekend.

    The first day was breezy with Alan Leibel from Canada going well until the second race when he broke his gooseneck. He was among good company as Dee Smith missed a couple races due to a forestay breaking as did I for a boom end falling off. With a couple of boats getting OCS in the third race Toronto sailing friends Darrell Suderman and Mike Hren made the early running. With the notable exception of Paralympic Silver medallist Jackie Gay taking the second race. With no discards the race was on to keep letters to the minimum with some catching up to be done by many. Everybody was back on the water for Saturday’s racing with was lighter and shiftier, which is much more common for the Charlotte river. Close racing in sued with Mike taking the first race and then the Paralympic flagged sails of Bruce Millar and Dee Smith fighting it out for the second race with Dee just winning. I wasn’t far behind getting a 2,3,4 for the day. Louise Anstey from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in BC was showing that time in the boat isn’t always necessary consistently finishing inside the top 10. Sunday was a battle of when the gradient breeze was going to die but Race Officer Dr Roger Strube did a great job to get 3 races in. It was light with the tide running strong. Dee collected the 3 bullets from the day but with myself, Alan, Bruce, Darrell making it difficult for him. Darrell took the regatta followed by Bruce then Dee.

    The overall series was won by Alan. With the local 2.4 builder Tony Pocklington taking second and Dee managing third. The class owes it thanks to the Commodore and all at Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club for a great event. The fleet has been based at the Club since mid-December and the hospitality and warm welcome has been great.

    Special thanks to Roger, Martin Holland and their team for some great racing. The fleets are growing across the North American continent in no small part to having an American 2.4 builder. Tony allowed many of us to sail through chartering boats but also through his immense hard work in helping organise the regatta. The inaugural CanAm series was a great success and it’s a great way of getting warm in the winter.

    1st Darrell Suderman
    2nd Bruce Millar RVYC
    3rd Dee Smith STC
    4th Megan Pascoe Weymouth SC
    5th Mike Hren Ashbridges Bay YC
    6th Allan Leibel National YC

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