Charlotte Dobson

Charlotte Dobson competes in the 49er FX class and has been selected by British Sailing to helm the 49er FX Podium Squad for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Cycle.

Charlotte Dobson

Name: Charlotte Dobson, Nickname: Chaz, Date of birth: 05.06.86

Charlotte, 29, is from Helensburgh and currently lives in Portland, Dorset. She explained, “I am really pleased to be part of Team Allen. It is so exciting to be selected to represent your country at the Olympics and to receive works support from a leading equipment manufacturer means we can have complete confidence in the boat and focus on success.”

Allen Brothers Managing Director, Liz Adams, added, “Adding Charlotte to Team Allen is especially rewarding for Allen Brothers as it now means we support both the leading British 49er teams. In fact both the men’s and the women’s GBR 49er teams taking part in the Rio Olympics will be using Allen equipment. We are tremendously proud of that and it really supports our message, Winners Rely On Allen.”

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  1. We asked Charlotte about the high and low points of her year. Here is what she had to say:

    “2016 has been extreme. A year filled with so many career firsts, some soaring highs, a few dark lows and now at the end of the season it is time for reflection, to try to digest all that has happened and contemplate what is next…

    Rio 2016 was my first olympics, and having been the bridesmaid in two selection trials in the laser radial it was especially sweet to finally get the call that with my teammate, Sophie, I was eventually going to put on that coveted GB bib. It has been a huge honour to represent my country at the Olympic Games and something I’d dreamed of since I was a little girl. On leaving the Games I wish I could have told my 15 year old self that we made it, and it was way cooler than you’ve imagined!

    From the outset our team goal was always to bring back a gold medal and in such a variable environment like Guarabara Bay it was always going to be a very steep challenge. I came from a laser background, so week one in the boat was as basic as getting to grips with standing up and talking to someone! The learning curve was nearly vertical and the challenge seemed like Everest. A real highlight of the cycle has been successfully completing that transition from single handed to double handed. Sophie was a fabulous teammate to have and we pushed ourselves every step of the way. We had many challenges thrown in our way with a few serious injuries Sophie endured and a very difficult period without a coach. We also had some great highs, we were a consistent team, never falling out the top 8 in the World Rankings, we medalled at a few World Cup events and a had a very close near miss at the Worlds in late 2015.

    Weymouth and Portland World Cup, the last World Cup before the Olympics was where our campaign really felt like it was coming to a crescendo and we won our first Gold medal as a team. We got on the plane for our final training camps filled with confidence and excitement. Unfortunately from that point on our final training into the regatta was full of obstacles and after time to digest it all I think we’d do things a little differently now.

    Being part of Team GB out in Rio was simply magical, it was filled with really thoughtful touches from supporters and engagement with the county at home, it is that that makes the Games so special. We were lucky that our competition was in the second week of the Games so we got to embrace the circus and go to the Opening Ceremony which is a moment I will never forget. It was simply breathtaking walking into the stadium to the roar of the crowd both in the stadium and behind the TV’s at home.

    The regatta itself started off really well and we were in a great position for medals after day three having had a great performance out on the Niteroi courses that day. Unfortunately the last day of fleet racing was not good enough. A one sided track really punished us as we had a case of the slows and we literally watched the medals sail away from us. I sailed in feeling winded and amazed how quickly things could turn from great to bad. The sail in that day was probably the darkest day of my career, knowing that we could have medalled but we had dropped the ball.

    Ultimately we finished 8th at our first Olympics and although it feels disappointing there are so many good things about our campaign. A major highlight was our equipment preparation, though working with partners like AllenBrothers, I knew we had the best boat fit out in the dingy park and it gave me a lot of confidence that our systems were going to not only be reliable but would make our lives easier than our competitors.

    The time until the end of the year is full of reflection and asking myself the difficult bruising questions as to why my team didn’t succeed in the ultimate goal and how can I do it better. Part of that process took me to Tokyo, to sail in the Enoshima Olympic week there to get a feel for the place, the conditions and what a campaign there is likely to need. I dusted off my hiking pants and sailed the laser radial there but I am sure the FX is where my gold medal lies. Going to Japan has made me able to close the door on Rio and look forward to opening the door to Tokyo. I went to Rio wanting to bring a Gold medal home, failing to do that has only made the fire burn a little harder and the goal posts have moved to Japan. I’m really excited about the coming months, putting together the best team and surrounding ourselves in the best partners to take on Tokyo 2020! Without partners like Allen none of this is possible so we are hugely thankful to Allen brothers for joining us on our road to Rio and hopefully beyond.

    Thank you Allen Brothers, Obrigado Rio, Konichiwa Japan!” Charlotte Dobson

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