Enterprise Tuning Guide

The Enterprise is an easy boat to sail but a vert hard boat to sail fast! Its design, unlike high performance dinghy’s, means that the speed of a whole fleet of Enterprises is likely to be very similar therefore making every small amount if gain critical when racing!

Below is a table that will give you a guide to work from for getting the best results out of your Enterprise.


Wind Speed Light Medium Heavy
Mast Rake 6490mm 6490mm 6445mm
Rig Tension 400lbs 400lbs 450lbs
Upwind Tight Ease 18mm Tight
Outhaul Reaching / Off Wind Ease 12mm Ease 90-115mm Ease 50-75mm
Running Tight Thight Tight
Cunningham Up Wind Off Up to 12mm Up to 75mm
Reaching off wind Off Off Off


You can also find a full tuning guide by P&B Below

P&B Enterprise Tuning Guide

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