Skiff Swivel Cleat



Swivel Cleat For Skiff Self Tacking Jib System .Developed for the 49er class and tested in Olympic competition, the A4866XB swivel cleat for self tacking jib systems has found favour on 29ers, fast catamarans and other classes of performance sailboat.

Also available in an angled version.

Our range of swivel cleats has been designed to give smooth sheeting articulation for a variety of applications from jib sheeting to vang systems.  The cam cleats are mounted on a high grade 316 stainless steel platform, and angled upward for ease of cleating.

Line Size: 2mm – 6mm

Height: 57mm

Hole Centres: 3 x 27mm

Weight: 120g

Fixing Hole Size: 5mm

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